Resource Node Tools and Spawning

Resource Node Tools and Spawning

Another quick post. Finished by lunch today, which is good. I kinda think I may need to relax a little... have not been feeling terribly well. Anyway...

Editing A Sprite
Added a Resource Node with the Sprite
Looking at the Resource Node entry.
Testing the entry
Testing the DB
Generating the forest with the spawners that read from the DB
Regenerating the forest again, it's different every time of course.

Now that I have that done I can spend the rest of the week refactoring the gatherers based on the new resource node code as well as creating a DB and editor for them. This will require me to build a Tool DB and editor so they can have pickaxes, axes, scythes, etc. And the Resource Node can use the Required Tools array I have in there in order to make sure the gatherer has the right tool. (This way if gatherers can change job you wont end up with a miner taking a pick-axe to your sandwich.)

Next week is Processing, so Sawmills, Grain Mills, Smithies, etc. Probably start with the ol' sawmill.

Well, I am going to eat my lunch and relax for a bit. Tomorrow the real work begins for the week. At least it was a nice, smooth and easy Monday, eh?