Server Maintenance [June-5-23]

Server Maintenance [June-5-23]

Doing some maintenance on all 6 servers today, if anything goes down it should be temporary and hypothetically return within 15 minutes.

If anything is still down after 1PM EST, let me know either via e-mail or in the IRC channels.

The only issue I am aware of currently is the Classic Ragnarok Online map server being down. I'll get on troubleshooting that once I have finished the initial maintenance across the nodes. It's not really a high priority as there are no players currently.

Update: RO server is restored, I had to set up a paging file on the server it runs on because it is on the one windows server I have and that thing has been nothing but a pain in the ass, this is true of all Windows servers I have ever run.

Maintenance is concluded.

Looking to get back into game dev this week, hopefully. Will update if that happens, of course.