Server offloading or; The Great Migration

Server offloading or; The Great Migration

Before I get started on this game prototype I need to do some stuff to offload the server I am running here in the office to save money. See, the electric bill is $120 a month where it was $40 before I started running it again so... I can just pay 30 or so for a server elsewhere and save up to move faster. I love my server, she's always done well by me but I think she could use some rest for a while, at least 'til I can move out of here.

This of course means I need to spin up a server, move a lot of things like my source repositories and this blog as well as a lot of other stuff I use behind the scenes to run and support my projects. I will have to move over some DBs to a Pi to keep them local to my network so some of the things I built around the house stay operational and it's going to be a lot of work but I really should do it now, as early as I can in the month. I should have done it yesterday, even.

So maybe I will get around to working on the game today if I am really damn quick at this or maybe I wont and will have to start tomorrow. I'll have to make up the lost day over the weekend I suppose.

Welp, I guess the first thing I should do is get a server spun up. Who knows, might just be working on the game today if the server takes too long to get set up. Hopefully it's up by the end of my lunch time. If it is I will just slap this post up and get on with the migration otherwise I'll probably just get started on this here prototype.

The server is up and I have been configuring it all day, seems to have been some issue in the assignment of IPs, guess I will have to open a ticket. I configured the thing as I have configured it's sister server but I can not get the non management IPs to resolve correctly.

I have however migrated this blog to another server, probably will do that for everything while things get sorted.

All the images will be broken for a bit. Sorry. The backup/export stuff for this software is... experimental. I will have to manually pull them from the volume and upload them.

Anyway, it's 4pm now and this thing that was going to be simple has been torpedoed and now requires some triage. Ain't that always the way?

Looks like I will be starting the prototype late. Dammit.

It turned out to be the IP admin giving me the wrong IP addresses.