Servers and Isometric Maps

Servers and Isometric Maps

Spent a lot of time working on servers lately. Got a discord server up for Armored Mask, then went and got my UO, EQ, PSOBB and L2 servers back online. The only ones currently down are EO and RO, I am doing some work on the stack for RO and EO had a strange update which lead me to realize I had some work to do on that as well. Also got some work on the site done, of course I have a lot to do there.

Here's some screenshots of the work on the maps and layers.

and some shots of servers being tested...

Lineage 2
Ultima Online
Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

Hard work but fun to be an MMO archivist.

Some are actually available to people other than Moon and I.

Anyway, gonna go mess with my servers and see how they feel to play around in now.