Setting up Project Management

Setting up Project Management

I set up the gitlab repo with project management and having broke it down into systems and steps I realize it's a bit large but I think if I keep to the milestones and try to keep things simple I should be able to pull it off. I might not have as much time as I want to create my own sprite art but we'll see, I might surprise myself and manage to get tasks done quicker than expected.

20 Issues in the list

I've set up 20 issues which are for 5 different milestones.

5 milestones til prototype release.

One milestone per week, the first week might spill into the second week which is why it has 3 tasks. Plus one of those tasks is the combat system which could turn out to be a mighty pain in the ass. I expect that to be where I will get stuck the most.

The last milestone is the final weekend of the month, where I will clean it up, add a title screen and release it on Itch.

Finally a Wiki

Last, I have a wiki so I can document the planning as well as the code. This way if I come back to this project I wont get lost and should be able to pick it up and get back to developing it right away. Or if I decide to release the source (though I will need to replace the art if I do, as I don't have rights to redistribute the art in that way). It will also help me track where I sourced the art from so I can credit people more easily. I can tell you a lot of the art will likely be from Itch.

I guess I will be back in the office on Monday, working on this prototype. I am kind of excited but also a bit daunted. I might need to set an alarm to get up earlier than usual and spend more of my daytime hours on it.

I also plan to be taking breaks every hour for 10-20 minutes to allow my brain to cool down. I might change this to balance it out a bit in whichever way allows me to be most productive. I plan to use the down time to find inspiration and watch some of the shows that I will be using for inspiration of the story and world design. Hopefully I can use that inspiration for more than just some conversations.

Anyway, it's almost 5pm now and I think I got most of what I need to get started Monday. I'll write some ideas down over the next few days on the wiki but I think I have most of what I need planned out for the project to begin. I might not have time to implement Unit Testing this time around because I want to integrate it with my CI system if I am going to do it.

Anyway, clocking out.