Site update

Site update

Did some work on the server this site runs on today, updated some stuff, cleaned up some things. Installed a new version of Ghost. Things seem fine but I expect something will break at some point.

I'll be spending some of the day working on changing the log forms in Mantilogs I think. I'll at least be figuring out how it will or wont work.

Got a bunch of stuff coming to build the new habitat mods for the geckos, should be rolling in next week. I guess over the weekend I will try and get the forms rewritten and start planning how I will add these mods to the habitats. There will be drilling. I also think I should probably make a custom ring-light for the webcam we're using to take pictures of the geckos so we don't have to hold a light and the webcam at the same time. I got some solid-core hookup wire that can just be wrapped around the camera itself in order to affix the light so it should be pretty easy.

Well, that's all I got. Back to the django forms and Bulma docs.


And here's what I managed to get done today.

I started on the new log forms.
I added a problems endpoint.
I added the start of an automated environment logging endpoint.

Also the new Arduino IDE is far, far better. It has dark mode.