Things have slowed here for a while, I've not done much work on Geruterra this month but I have been working on the servers and getting everything ready, as well as getting all my old MMO emulators and stuff back up and running.

I have set up a bug report system, some forums and switched out gitlab for a more lightweight system for SCM and project management. As much as I really like Gitlab self-hosted I don't use 90% of what's in there so why have that much resource dedicated to it?

This is another short one, between all the stuff with the servers and taking care of things that need doing, paying technical debts, getting blown up by random shit going wrong, but that's life, just rolling with the punches and sneaking in a cheeky shot when you get a chance. Pressing the advantage if you manage to get it off balance.

Anyway... I will be posting updates again probably next week. My little buddy got sick and I am taking time off to nurse him back and also take care of crap around the house, working on servers in my downtime.

Still aiming for Sept 22 demo, this month put a dent in what I will be able to get done by then but if it goes sideways we'll add the Halloween stuff in and aim for Halloween Week, then we will aim for release Sept 22. Time will tell, for now I will just keep on working.

Speaking of working I need to get back to the servers, I got a week to move some stuff out of an old VPS to a Dedi with a few VMs on it. Once I do that I can cancel the VPS and then I have only one more out there, but that one runs my RF server and that son of a bitch took WAY too much work to get running correctly, I became obsessed with getting it running for a while there. Anyway, hoping to finish the migrations by dinner, at least one of the the 3 anyway.