Some downtime in the network.

Some downtime in the network.
What's out there though?

Gonna be doing some security updates over the next couple days, interspersed with yard work. I am also running a little bot server for one of my old inspirations; Ragnarok Online. PreRE of course.

Anyway the security updates will probably mean some downtime in the network. So if anything gets unreachable it's because I am tinkering back there or left it offline til I could make sure it's ok after I got back from some yardwork for a break.

This is just to try and make sure my servers don't become evil servers while I'm not lookin'. Scary out there in the internet these days.

Anyway, stuffs gonna be gettin' messed about. Off to the briny ocean depths to mend my floating fortresses and hope their walls hold another day.

Cheers. Still got a lot of lawn to power through and a mower to modify.