Ten tools I use in no particular order

Ten tools I use in no particular order

Thought I would write a quick post about the tools I use around here. Today I will be starting some work on my little RPG vertical slice and I don't want to do too much writing over here in blog land, rather do my writing in my bookstack, planning stuff out.

Most of my tools are on my servers, all of my tools run on GNU/Linux. A lot of these are running in docker containers on my servers, though some are running on my laptop.

First up, I use Bookstack for planning and documentation. I like being able to break things down into shelves, books, chapters and pages. It really makes it easy to navigate and know where I should put things. Not a fan of PHP, but hey, good tool.

Second I use Tiddlywiki for quick notes, I call it my lab book. It's easy to quickly get something stored for later.

Third I use Pi hole, it's both my filter and my DNS that allows me to have local domain names like yarrs.books for my bookstack.

Fourth I use Caddy, which works in tandem with Pi hole to provide a reverse proxy to map ports from containers to the domains I create on the pi-hole DNS. I also use Nginx but Caddy has been more convenient lately.

Fifth I use Snippet Box, which is a quick way to index bits of code I reuse a lot. Things like setting up DB connections in SQL Alchemy or 2D character controller bits for Godot can be quickly indexed and searched. Don't use this on a public server.

Sixth I use Code Server, which is very useful for web development as it lets me see how things are going to work in the docker container that they are being built for. It also lets me work from anywhere. Also it's just nice to have an IDE in my browser running on my server to offload the heavy lifting from my poor laptop or whatever Pi I might be using.

Seventh is my Gitlab network. Great stuff. So many tools from Git server to CI to project management and even a built in IDE for quick changes to hot-fix bugs on my server software. Instrumental. Also important to me to manage my own everything so gitlab is great for that.

Eighth is Heimdall. I need somewhere to organize all these things to quickly get to them and it also lets me check on some of the things I got out there at a glance, like it can tell me if some of my containers have crashed on one of my servers. Though I should update it, I am using a pretty old version now.

Ninth is Godot. It's really a great engine and when you know your way around it you can be very productive, though some of their decisions are a bit frustrating for someone who's stuck with legacy hardware. I know most people don't have brand new gaming computers so I tend to make my decisions based on that. I want my games to run for as many people as possible.

Tenth is Aseprite. Sometimes I fight with it, but it is my daily driver for pixel art and animation.

Now I am going to bugger off and get to work.