Starting on the Login Server, Game Server and Client

Starting on the Login Server, Game Server and Client

Well, I have started on the Login Server, so far so good. There's some differences in the way networking functions now but it's not so different that I am having a hard time with it.

Login Server Listens for Client Connections

I've got it hooked up to the API and reading account data, at least IDs and usernames anyway, the API handles the actual logging in, the Login Server is primarily there to pass the data through to it since I want to keep it as isolated as possible.

Now that I am listening for Clients to connect I suppose I best get to building the actual client software. Oh boy.

Login Scene for the Client.

AI generated placeholder art there, the idea of the thing is there even if it is all kinds of weird.

Now the client is talking to the login server...

Now to handle the actual logging in of the player.

A bit of thinking, trying and wondering later...

I can now log in and get a token assigned to the player on the login server.

There's still some work to be done here, of course. Sending the data over to the client, securing the login so it's not plain text being sent to the login server, sending over the user ID to the login server to send over to the game server... BUT the hard part is done.

Log in, Log out.
Client changes scene on successful login.

Next up, securing the client-login interaction with some TLS.

Well, the TLS stuff will take a bit more work. I have most of it worked out but I will need to rewrite the way the client and login server connect. In the meantime I started the Game Server and connected the Login Server to it.

With that I am done for today. It's past 5.