Starting on The Resource Node Tool

Starting on The Resource Node Tool

So resource nodes such as Copper Vein, Pine Tree, etc. Need to be spawned into the world in order for our little slime bastards to go and gather materials from them. The nodes also need to know what they hold inside, how much, what is required to gather from them and more. I set about outlining and designing the DB today, though I have been feeling rather unwell the last couple days.

The start of it.
The Design Notes

I may not finish this week at this rate but that's fine. Ideally I should have the first iteration of the tools done this month, but if it takes 2 months that's fine too. As long as steady progress is made, that's all I am really worried about. Even if I only put in 15 minutes a day for a while because I am burned out, I can not walk away from this project. It's not my project this time, so I have to actually finish it. No dumping it to start a new project.

I am currently only ACTIVELY maintaining 3 software projects. Mewsli (above) YarRPG (Long way off) and Mantilogs.

Well with that, I think I am going to get some lunch and decide if I should be coding anymore today, given the stupid mistakes I have made so far today requiring me to git stash a lot of dumb ideas.