Starting the Care Systems

Starting the Care Systems

Glad I took the rest of yesterday off, I would have got nothing done anyway. I felt like crap for the remainder of the day once I got home. Feeling a lot better now though so back to work on designing these care systems. Then at lunch I need to make a few calls, then back to work again.

Alright, to start out I will need to get the UI working, so I guess it would be wise to start with making the buttons over in aseprite. I'll defer to the docs as to which buttons I will be needing... I planned for this.

I also realized I should probably have the versions of the entire DBs tracked, that way I can have the client hit an endpoint that lists all databases and their versions so instead of checking every item in the DB when there is no changes it would only ask for new updates where it needs to. I think I could take this a step further and log the ID of what changed to increment the database version to begin with and only have to fetch the exact required data for that object rather than look at the whole damn DB. Honestly not sure why I didn't think of this earlier. Guess I was too bogged down with seeing if the update system would work the way I saw it in my head to worry about efficiency at that level.

Anyway, made an issue for the version system upgrades, better get back to my UI.

Not perfect, not radial, will do for testing.

I want to get the status information displayed on the left side for now, will make debugging a little easier I think.

Is fine.
Less Translation Required.
Menu in game
Menu made a bit more readable.

Well, I got the UI for the radial menu set up, I can trigger slime interactions without them wandering off, they will resume normal behavior after the interaction and I am set up to start sending signals to the server.

Monday I will start working on the most basic versions of the interaction, this will include a basic tabbed inventory menu with the infinite water and rice balls. If I have time after that I will add the other interaction menu scaffolding with some basic buttons to trigger the function to communicate with the server.

I want to have all the basics taken care of, once I have all the stat increase interactions handled I will begin to work on the mighty SERVER TICK. Once I have that in place... probably slime animations.