Still stuck, but working on project.

Still stuck, but working on project.

Yesterday I used the screens I soldered the other day while I was up and about to make the habitat displays. Originally these were going to be ESP 32 based and I was going to use the ADC pins to get temperature data from voltage divider circuits with thermistors. No dice. The ESP32s could not deal with outputting to the OLED displays. They would get all garbled and busted looking and in some cases just shut off after a second.

At first I thought this was my fault, like a screwed up soldering, let too much heat sink into them. So I went and tested them on an 8266 and they are fine. Turns out the 32s just don't want to deal with I2C.

Aside from that I have been trying to figure out the issue with mantilogs being an hour behind, the server it's on is the same timezone as the computers using it. PostgreSQL is configured to the same timezone as is the server it's on. I'm using aware datetimes in the model. I can't figure out where it's going wrong there. It may take more research.

Future Yarr here: Fixed it. Timezone was set to EST, I assume I did that because it was UTC and my brain went "Of course, 3 letter time zones!". It's set to America/New_York now and is working as intended.

As for what else I will do today... I need to come up with a plan for the "Release it in October" game. I have a lot of ideas but nothing solid yet. It has to be something simple that I can polish up a good deal by then. Either something with simple mechanics like a pet game/farming sim or side-scroller.

I guess a side-scroller would be easiest to sprite for and code. Less work with sprite sorting. I had an idea that involved exorcisms and demon parades. Might be worthwhile, possibly able to finish in time. Would have to flesh it out a bit. Write a solid GDD and keep it simple, adhere to it. Plan out the systems and test them thoroughly. Save system at the start. We'll see how I feel about it once I am out of here.

Anyway I'm gonna eat something and play some junk on my guitar. Really wish this shit would be over already. Probably didn't help that I tried to go back to normal too soon eh?