Tamakai and Unity

Tamakai and Unity

I've spent the last few days learning my way around Unity again. It's only crashed on me once so that's a new record. I did manage to get some things done that I wanted to do with Godot but couldn't so that's good. For instance I have 2D sprites walking around a 3D world.

This was an earlier screenshot from yesterday, but I managed to get a bit more done and clean it up a bit since then. You can see the jank I created here(Unity WebGL).

Today I have spent working on Tamakai. I got the relations and most of the models set up between the User, Pets, Bank, Shops, and Items. I have also managed to create the pet parts and generation system with Pillow. There are some issues that I have to sort out but the important parts are working.

Which creates this monstrosity that I quickly made the parts for as separate layers on one canvas in Krita. I needed something quickly to test so yeah, she ain't the prettiest but she gets the job done.

Oh good god, what is that thing?!

You can see lines where the parts meet, but that can be fixed... I think. There may be some things I can do with pillow to clean it up, though that's not exactly my focus at the moment.

Each part of the pet has several layers that composite to make the whole. All I have here is one layer per, since I am just making sure the basic premise works, I still have to write code to generate a pet for a user, plus the views... lots of work left to do before I bother sitting down and drawing something more heavy and use all the layers.

The head bits
What we've got.

That's the image in the lineart_image field.

Now with this, I could easily swap out parts and generate pets from the parts. This makes it easier to simulate genetics as traits could be inherited based on parts, colors, skins, markings, etc.

There is also a field to track the items fed to the pet and a field denoting it's favorite item to eat. Feeding the favorite item would increase it's happiness as well as hunger. Possibly some other things, I have not gotten to designing all that yet, I need to first have the pet generate for a new user, then I need to have the hunger system which will be using Django Q probably. Celery never seems to work out for me. Every day at certain times I will use a Q task to tick down hunger, then a player will feed the pet and hunger goes back up.

Full pet model in current state.
Shops model currently.
Items model. Needs some work.
Bank accounts model.

It would be nice if I knew an artist who wanted to draw some pets for this but hey, I am broke and can't pay 'em anyway so we'll make due with my skills when we get there. The backend is coming together pretty nicely for a day's work I think. Kinda gives me confidence in the rewrite of the MMO project, since I will likely be writing a lot of the server side in python with a few more heavy-duty things being handled in C or C++(depends, really).

I really do like working with Python, just sucks it's not fast enough to be the game client, eh? Godot might get there some day at least, and that's close enough.

Anyway, I guess I will either get back to working on some stuff or knock off for the night. It's 7pm now.