The Alchemist Project Part 2

The Alchemist Project Part 2

Today I worked on the pets, getting them walking around and getting the UI hooked up.

I do need to lock sprite rotation properly but they now wander and avoid obstacles and each-other.

I got the pet UI in and wired up to functions on the pet it represents.

I also created a pet hunger coroutine that will slowly tick down hunger. As the pet gets hungrier it gets less opaque, as it is losing it's corporeal form created by the philosopher's stone. The feed button currently will just add 5 to the hunger value up to a max of 100 and the hunger ticks down by 1 every 10 seconds.

This is some debug text I put in to test the UI firing the correct functions on the pet. I have begun writing the serialization/deserialization code to transform the pet into equipment. Wednesday I will begin working on creating the first armor and finishing up the transformation to and from armor. I will also create Databases for the armor and weapons as well as items and pets and allow pets to know their own ingredients so when they die of starvation or are dismissed they turn back into their base item so you only need to get another philosopher's stone to create a new one.

Anyway, food time.