The Alchemist Project

The Alchemist Project

So today I spent trying to work out the Unity state machine animation. Still not sure exactly how it all works but I have something that works well enough for now. Next I set about making a basic inventory system and some repopulating mining nodes.

Get close to a node, it will turn Green.

Loot the node by clicking and it is added to the inventory and changes to the looted state, setting the sprite to

Bare node

Once I could reliably loot my materials I set about making an alchemy table to start crafting. Now I need to work out how the hell the UI in Unity works.

How do I alchemy?

Added a basic alchemy UI that pops up when you are in range of the table.

And now crafting works. It's very basic, but it does the things.

Yeehaw. I now have the power to give life!

Of course I do need to adjust the recipe. A few rubies does not the key to immortality make. But we have a simple crafting system to use the materials we gather.

Figured I would get things ready for creating the pets. I need 2 items to create the first pet. Can you guess my plans?

Now I just need a pet crafting workstation and the actual pet to craft. Given that it's almost 8pm now I think I will stop for the day, perhaps. Might not, gonna see if there's anything interesting to watch or play first. It is Friday so I probably wont be working on this again 'til Monday, after all.

Those interested can check out the current stuff here on Yarrdev. I'm gonna maybe add a simple UI for pet creation in and call it a night.