Month One Prototype

Month One Prototype

I'll give the list one more look and then load the RNGinator with it if I have nothing by the end of it. I did a test run last night, I might just use the result from that, even. I even worked out the outline of the systems, though it seems like it would be intense to prototype it in a month, let alone the short month. I am doing this to challenge, explore, build a library and get some stuff out there.

I'll give it a look-through and see if anything jumps out at me. It's not so much I don't want to do any of them as some seem like they would benefit from coming later when I have more systems already built to use and then it's a matter of liking all the others but not being able to make a choice.

Alright, I loaded the ones I feel like I have the best shot with into the RNGinator.

Well, that's interesting. The game idea it chose wasn't mine. It was Moon's. I have exactly no idea what the game even is. I will ask her about it later and just roll a backup dice in case she hasn't fleshed it out at all.

Actually I will just use the one I got in the test yesterday if her idea doesn't have any meat on it yet. Either a space game or a Mother-style game will be the first one. Depends on her now, I guess.

A quick aside; I've been noticing I get tired most of the afternoon again. I think I may be low on protein once more. Had to eat ramen for lunch for the last several weeks and that is probably the reason. It seemed to be the reason last time it happened anyway.

In the morning I have energy and am ready to go with whatever project but then in the afternoon when I finally got to the point of choosing one I am just tired and miserable and want nothing to do with anything. I'll definitely have to solve this problem or I am going to get nowhere.

I've also waited too long for Moon to get up so I guess I will just proceed with Banchobound and have her fill out a prototype design document for next time it comes up so I can get to planning it out on the first instead of just sitting around waiting all day. It's nearly 3 now so I will just get to writing a simple design doc.

Well, after a shower and tracking down a missing package that I swore I heard get delivered despite the lack of package or footprints in the snow. I'm about to be very tired all week if I don't locate it.

It was next door, thankfully the dude over there brought it to me. Alright, now that I have showered and found my tea I can get to... planning. So, Earthbound but bancho style. Hmm.

I need the basic JRPG systems in place, of course. Basic equipment system. I wonder if I will get everything I need in? Thinking about it, it's a lot for the short month but if I don't manage to finish it I will at least have some systems for future stuff, right?

Though... I really would like to have some finished prototypes. The lack of anything finished is part of the reason I am in this miserable state. I guess I just have to do my best. Can't be feeling defeated already. Probably feel this way because I am so tired, it'll pass.

Okay; I'll outline the systems, characters and basic story for the prototype. Then tomorrow I will start with a character controller and a test map, then comes dialogue, inventory and shops, etc.

To the Aethenium!

Wow, just barely got that outlined in time. It's time to clock out and cook something.