The City Outside

The City Outside

Today I fixed the traffic lights, cleaned up the code a little and found that I was indeed just too tired to be doing that last night. I unchecked monitorable on some of the area2D nodes responsible for stopping traffic.

Once I finished with the traffic I got started on NPC pedestrians.

I need to set up the sidewalk stuff to be at the same Z axis and in a Ysorted node, got some clipping here. Then I need to add more paths and have some way of handling crossing the street on some of the paths. Should be relatively simple I think, given I already have the traffic light working... should... be. Anyway, gonna sort my Y Sort, then get some lunch and then I can add more paths and prevent the poor penis-footed pedestrians from getting splattered.

There's also an annoying failure to loop correctly in one of my engine sfx so I have to fix that.

Sorting issue remedied, time for lunch.

Alright, now the little dudes can cross the street and only occasionally get their googlies plundered by an automobile.

I want to fix some car audio issues and add maybe some more sound design stuff with the last hour of the day. I am pretty tired though, still have not had much sleep. Maybe once this whole moving thing settles one way or the other I can get back to some normality whatever that is for me.

So I need to find the sound that doesn't loop right and destroy it, then add some more engine sounds that DO loop.

There are still some bugs with the pedestrians running gungho into traffic now and then, but for the most part I have it working as I want. I will have to make it so on light change we first check for pedestrians in the crosswalk and then change OR have the pedestrians stop a few seconds earlier than the light change. The latter would actually solve multiple problems.

Anyway, past 5 now. Need to force myself to do something else for the night. I added a few environment sounds and got my outside world looking less... dead and bleak so I got what I intended to do done.