The Atheneum

The Atheneum

I have compiled a small (large) library of game development tools and assets over the years and am in the process of putting them all in one place, in order. I started with stuff that could be useful to the coming project and will work my way outward through all the assets I have over a while.

Part of this happens in the shed while the rest is on my office server, though there is a link to the office server only people inside the office network have access. It's a large directory of game dev assets, from tools to create pixel effects to engines to character art bases and everything in between. I will do my best to even catalog some classic engines I used when I was a young lad so I can go back and seek inspiration from the times when I had so much hope and felt like I could do anything.

Short post today, going to play some guitar then help the wife lady learn some game dev basics with Godot.

Of course the light power supply test is still going. We'll see how it turns out.

Then who knows? Tolerance break starting today so probably gonna be weird tomorrow. Figure better to start on the weekend and hopefully be somewhat alright by Monday.

Welp. Cheers.