The Day Off Part 1: Wait what?

The Day Off Part 1: Wait what?

So, I decided to take a day or 2 off.  I say that, but I tried to take days off before and I still ended up working anyway. Am I a workaholic? Anyway the whiteboard came today which is great.

Wrote down a few thoughts.

This will certainly help me keep the big picture right there within sight at a glance and allow me to work more quickly. It's great to have bros this helpful. Would have been a while before I could get this on my own.

Actually managed to sleep til 9am today, which is pretty good for me. I normally average 4-6 hours of sleep if I am lucky. Got 8 last night, been a long time since I did that.

The maps thing is kinda rough. It will dictate a LOT of how the rest of the game will work. Handling collision client-side would be foolish. Handling it with tile-based collision on the server is an idea.  I figure I should take some time and do some research on this one.

There is also the changing of maps and how multiple maps would be handled by the server. I have a couple ideas but I don't like them. I am sure I will come up with something better but it might be another thing I might actually need to research. I have some books by and about mmo devs, also might look at some postmortems and see if I can glean anything from them.

Figured I would write a short list of cool software I like to mess with or use as well as some cool projects I found tomorrow as a part of trying to seperate my mind from the MMO project. I will also do some work on Mantilogs, there's a couple things that need to be added.

Then on monday, if I don't have any good ideas I will hit the books and post mortems, take some notes and try and work something out for these damn maps. Anyway it's time for me to make some lunch, so I will be off.