The DBMan, The Models and the Mail server

The DBMan, The Models and the Mail server

Last night I set up a mail server so we can send out e-mails for registration and password recovery, among other things. I'm still fiddling with the DNS settings trying to get e-mails coming from us not to appear as spam but that's a trial and error thing that has a 24-hour feedback loop.

Anyway, on to the DBMan and generating a player's first slime...

The DBMan setup should be no different than the other 2 servers so far so it's a copy-paste job on that. Then I need to write a slime generator and a query for creating a new slime based on what it comes back with.

I will be using the modulation for the colors for now since I don't think it's actually that heavy (Sprites are a max of 64x64 right now) I could be wrong and if I am I will change it to generate the sprite and send it, though I feel like that's not as high priority as a lot of other things I will need to do right now. It's not like I can't go back and change it, right?

Connection to DB is good.

On to the creation of the first slime, I suppose. This means writing some hooks in the login to check if we have slimes for this character and generating one if we don't.

We can now check for slimes but we need to actually create them. Now... the generator is a whole thing in itself. This could take days.

I think the first thing I should do is build a marking model so the generator can have better information when generating a new slime and applying it's markings. Maybe some markings exclude others, maybe some markings can only have specific colors or transparency. This will take a bit of thinking.

I should also have a model for body types, given that a marking will belong to a body type. Hmmmm.... days indeed.

Time to break out the notepad and pencil, gotta diagram some relationships.

I have some interesting ideas here, should prove to make some interesting slimes as more parts are added. I also should model the wings, tails and ears. They function similarly to the markings so I might just copy them and remove the bits that I don't need.

Transposed to the Aethenium.

Now to look over it once more and have a long hard think.

Well, I am not coming up with anything else as of right now. I will probably take the whole of next week to write the generator and load the slimes into the server and then onto the client, maybe longer. I figured this was going to be a little complex.

I might have added to the models by Monday before I start the generator, today I will just write up the models and make sure my tables are all constructed correctly.

Now do I want to use a CSV or a Many to Many with an intermediary table for excluding markings? CSV leaves room for human error in setting up (typos, mostly). Many to Many with a self reference could be tricky in Django.

Django Many-to-Many (m2m) Relation to same model
I’d like to create a many-to-many relationship from and to a user class object. I have something like this: class MyUser(models.Model): ... blocked_users = models.ManyToManyField(MyUser, ...

Or not. We'll see if that works out, then. To the models!

Welp, let's get this shit-show rollin'. 
All the models are in and linked up to the Geru model.

Now I am ready to write the generator starting Monday. It's time to clock out now so... happy weekend. Do your chores.

I'm going to go make dinner and play some Project 1999.