The Dead Center of Winter

The Dead Center of Winter
Cats are warm little buds. So friendly and warm.

Well the siege of mice continues. No matter how many I get rid of more come. A storm is rolling in, this makes me somewhat worried because losing power could be death for my little lizard pals. I have some things in place to deal with it but they wont last long. Saving up for a generator, now. I wanted to get another laptop for the office but I ended up just building this computer out of old parts so I could save for a generator instead. It's far more important.

The mice are smart. They will put things on glue traps to cross. They are also huge, like small rats. I don't know exactly where they came from but I noticed I suddenly had a lot more when they cut the grass across the road for the first time last year. There is also a dump just up the road from me so that could be a contributing factor. Not to mention I live next to a stream and a stones throw from a big river. Surrounded by fields and woodland. It's like the perfect place to have a mouse problem. This is fine, though. It's life. I get it.

I've been teaching my wife about game development, she likes to play simpler games and I guess if I help her make one at least something will get done this year along the game dev track. I locked down my major projects for the year of course and am focusing my learning time on musical endeavors. I've gotten quite rusty with an Ocarina so I should work that into my practice routines. I'll also be working through some music theory and should have composed a few new songs by the end of the year as well.

Anyway I am teaching my wife who has stuck it out with me through the darkest shit how to develop a game she would like to play.

Screenshot of me showing her how things work through a series of screen shots.
It kind of is. Really. Patterns and planning.

Hopefully this goes well. Anyway I am kinda out of it, been thinking how to teach her best the past few days need to rest my mind. Gonna go chill and study something for my own game actually.