The Game Project

The Game Project

It managed to become a horror adventure. I've been posting less here because it's been taking a lot of my time. However I am going to be cutting a lot of the ideas I had for it and focusing on one location and trying to get the atmosphere as creepy as I can for some pixel art. I will basically be looking for excuses to try creepy stuff the whole time so it might have a little bit of a lot of things happening in various rooms.

I hope to have about an hour of gameplay and will be putting it up as a pay what you want type thing on Itch.

I had all these ideas with going back to your house, surfing the early 00's internet to find out what it was you were dealing with and slowly becoming an occultist monster hunter as you go from location to location learning about stuff and fighting monsters. However that would not be feasible to finish by October, so I decided to cut it back to the tavern I have been working on, cutting out the research system and instead focus on building atmosphere and story in one place. Pretty sure I can get that done by October.

I could have had up to 3 locations at the speed I was going but that's only if this is the only thing I am working on. I've got the Armored Mask frontend to rewrite and probably going to see if I can find a way to extract the MD from the discord messages and parse it into html on the site's posts. Every post for now is a big block of text.

I also need to build some stuff for my lizards and I have my crystal light show that I want to build and a little fountain I want to make... as well as a few other web projects and I want to get some time working with socket code and writing more complex servers. To do this I need to take a week here and there. Plus if I work nonstop on this game I will burn out on it.

Monday I will start writing the story, or at least the important points of it. Today I think I will start my weekend early as I am exhausted.