The Great Migration: Day 2

The Great Migration: Day 2

So far I have managed to get the blog's images uploaded, offloaded my main DBs and got my project management stuff deployed offsite.

I still have to do a few things here and there but I think tomorrow I should FINALLY be back to game development.

Alright, she's powered down now. It's eerily silent in the office... I can hear everything around me. Even people next door talking in their house. It's uncomfortable. I'll just keep my headphones on... all the time.

I look forward to the day I can bring her back online, she's been a damn fine server. For now though, I hope my bill is significantly impacted otherwise I am going to feel like an idiot.

Anyway... I will just get to finishing up, checking a few things and making sure everything is working. Not much else to say today, just me working on my servers.