The Half-Day and Mantilogs

The Half-Day and Mantilogs

Well, I am still kinda figuring out the maps and how they work on the server as well as how to better handle the server's state. This required quite a bit more than expected and I am still in the planning phase of it and I realized I have been able to sleep a little better since I took a break and given that it's thanksgiving week I figured I would take a day of half-days and take off Thursday and Friday. I want to clean the house a bit and get some stuff done that I have been neglecting while I had my head down and was focused on my work.

I had a super worm pupate over the weekend though so that project is advancing now, which is pretty cool. I'll be breeding them probably next month if I get another one to pupate soon. Also have some signs of my Dubias breeding so that's finally moving forward as well.

Anyway I spent the morning putting up my RGB string in the office in order to deal with how dark it gets in here some days and added an enrichment section to the gecko logs for Mantilogs.

In the profile.
On the index
In the logs.

Now it's lunch so I will bugger off, eat something and prepare myself for tomorrow when I have to clean my damn kitchen and maybe write the Reminders and Dashboard into mantilogs. It seems there is a more urgent need for it than I had anticipated.