The last few years.

The last few years.

I'm probably missing a few things, likely I am given how much I get up to. Anyway, since 2019 I've been pretty busy.

I started out with a lot of pixel art since I just moved at this point in 2019

Then I did some concept sketches.

Got some Geckos, here's little Vyvi.

Did some more pixel art...

Including some stuff based on an old friend.

Made some odd creatures.

Challenged  myself with limited palettes.

Made some more weird stuff, started on a side scroller game system that got rolled into the RCR engine I built, which will appear later.

Some testing of Jet here.

Started Bug Ranching more seriously.

Started working on my MMO project, which is on hold for now, I feel like I need a bigger team for the thing I want to make. Soon TM.

I got pretty far with it, even had a Django backed account system.

Then I spied on Vyvi with a night vision camera I built.

As well as other lizards.

Then more MMO project work. Adding Chat and Items + Item Use. All of it was server-side authoritative, of course.

Of course I hit a wall eventually, realizing I would need a lot of time to make anything interesting come from it.

After a bit of depression having failed once again to get the MMO project off the ground, I dragged myself up and started trying to mess around with Unity for a change of pace.

This became a little project called The Alchemist's Menagerie, a prototype I still may take some systems from as well as the sprites I made for it.

Then I did some more work on Mantilogs.

Then back to the Alchemy game.

Got that to a place where I could farm materials and make pets and feed them and turn them into weapons and armor, so I was satisfied to leave it alone there. Plus I am not a fan of Unity.

Did some sketching. Started trying to learn digital painting.

Then I got laid up for a couple months.

Still got a few projects done while laid up.

After I got better I cleaned up my office a little.

Did some doodlin.

Tried growing carrots in a bin.

Started on what would become Toghairm.

Then some random bits of work.

Then I added a game to the computer in the Bedroom, also added a web browser with some web pages, Here's some spritework from the game.

Then a sky thing.

Then I coded a website and image gallery that allowed me to post via discord bot, would look for my user ID and only read a channel I could access.

Some of that game inside the game.

And more work on the actual game itself.

Some video of audio tests.

Some shots of the Desktop stuff.

Then some video of me messing around with parallax in the forest.

I reworked the walking animation and added a lighter animation.

I continued working on Toghairm diligently building parts of it until my laptop died on me.

Then I got sick and spent more time in bed, working from there on web dev and tools for around the office and house.

Started the rebuild of my house lighting system (controlled by Jake, pictured above.

Jake's old weather display panel.

While I was doing web projects I got on building Bug Rancher, an insect version of Mantilogs.

Learned I didn't like frameworks very much, preferred writing my own, but I did try with React.

Messed with Raylib for a bit.

Got an Ultima Online shard to play around in on my network.

and an RO server.

an EO Server.

Did some tests on isometric y sorting again.

This temperature controller I build out of an arduino for Roaches and Snakes

Tamakai, a pet raising web based game. I wrote a complex image generator for creating the slime sprites.

More sketches.

Did some more work on my lighting system for my house. Broke some stuff in the process.

Halloween Happened.

Then more work on Tamakai

Recalibrated my 3D printer and shot a few timelapse prints on it.

Cleaned up the office some more.

More Tamakai Work.

Eventually I realized I should just make a proper game, not a web game.

Setup an advanced network system with my servers internal and external to the office.

More lighting system work.

More organizing or instruments.

Remembered my first guitar, missed it.

Then I began work on Mewsli in January. I am missing a lot of projects but those are mostly documented here or on twitter.

And of course I drew on this stock photo to use for my own nefarious bug report system, HAHAHAHA! TAKE THAT ESTABLISHMENT!

With that, I am gonna take a weekend, late but at least taking time off.