The Mantilogs API

The Mantilogs API

I've already installed and configured Django Rest Framework, now I am on to serializing and adding endpoints.

Starting out with a test, using the quick start example I have a user API set up and working fine.

DRF integration complete.

Now to actually USE the dang thing. Let's see how much I remember from the course and what little experience I had with this library.

Starting with the feed log of the leopard geckos, I'll need to serialize and add an endpoint. Once I can display the data I can move on to input via JSON, then writing a form on top of that.

Ah, our first bug.

Improperly configured!

Well, if I am not mistaken I just need to serialize the Gecko model... right? This might take a bit of time, I will have to serialize a lot of things going all the way up to Clutches. I have to do it eventually, anyway so it's not like I'm going out of my way here.

It's changed.

Yep, looks like that's the issue. Now I just need to add all the serializers for the things it errors out on.


Of course, using basic Hyperlink Serializing isn't ideal and I will have to write custom serializers here BUT it's working and that's the first step.

Now to test input...

Here's hoping...

Ah, it is expecting hyperlinks. Of course, that makes sense.

Invalid Hyperlink.

With that, however, it is lunch time and then time to get some more cleaning done. Bit by bit we are getting there.

I will do a test using the hyperlinks before I go, just to make sure input is working.

Attempt 2
201 Success.

With that, tomorrow I will start writing a proper serializer for the feeding log and then I can start on the new interactive JS form.

Clockin' out.