The MMO Project Part 14

The MMO Project Part 14

So today I have to finish up the stat panel then figure out the next move. Maybe I will start trying to figure out how to implement multiple maps. I have been sort of building up to it with the way I have a current_map field on all the NPCs, Monsters and Characters. But, here's the issue, right... how do I separate the enemies and NPCs from the first map?

I think I need to containerize maps like I do for everything else. Though as far as the server is concerned maps don't exist so I need to tell it about them, all their properties like collision, warps, dimensions, spawn areas, I need to model the maps. This could be something for the whiteboard, just like how the inventory is. Woof. I might as well add server-side collision with the map switching since I will need to figure out the map properties and all that nonsense anyway. I may as well couple the two things as they are very closely related.

So, given I have no whiteboard yet what tasks remain to me in the current milestone? Enemy movement optimization wont happen until after server-side collision. That's kinda a lynch-pin for the current milestone... I suppose I could just take a couple days off after implementing the rest of the stat display. I have had a mighty headache since yesterday evening that is just refusing to die and maybe some rest would do to curbing it's terror.

I could spend some time organizing the project a little better. I got 12 days left in this milestone and unless the map stuff is goind to be crazy complex and the inventory has some labrynthine puzzles to solve I should be done well ahead of that.


Wired up the stats. Strength is the only useful one currently, at 10 you can one-shot the orcs. The rest need to be weighted and calculated and balanced out a bit before I do anything with them. There are tooltips that describe what I intend for them, though.

Delicious tooltips.

Got that done before lunch. Hm. I think I will take a half day and spend some time planning. I got a lot to do with my bugs and geckos in order to make sure everyone is healthy and warm. Winter is coming.

Once I get the inventory in I will add shops I think. Make very simple armor and weapons that don't appear on the paperdoll as yet, but do add stats. I will add complexity to the stat system when I add the proper combat system and add skills back into the game.

I'll probably pop back in tomorrow to add some security features to the inter-server connections and make that a half day too, unless the whiteboard and markers show up. Then I will get on about whiteboarding the inventory system.

For now though, Cheers. I'ma go eat some lunch and hopefully shake this headache. Then deal with some bug stuff and plan a few more milestones, figure out what features are missing and what needs to be in before what, stuff like that.