The MMO Project Part 2 MM-semi-O

The MMO Project Part 2 MM-semi-O

Now I have a server and can connect to it from the client, next is setting up accounts and getting clients to interact through the server. I hope to have login, player data stored server side and the server broadcasting to all clients whenever one client's character moves. I have some ideas on how I will implement that through the RPC.

Right now I am writing this while my tea kicks in, first time I got a solid night of sleep in a while so I am pretty drowsy. I'll probably work past dinner tonight to make up for starting so late but I enjoy this more than most other things I would be doing right now anyway.

Alright, time to work out a way to implement insecure auth, then secure it. But the second I set about doing that UPS showed up, so first package retrieval and decontamination THEN to work. USPS showed up at the same time, though they didn't fight to prove who is better at package delivery. Well, I got my food and supplies for beetles, roaches and geckos safely secured in the kitchen so I can get to work

Holy shit it's lunch time! Almost forgot to eat. Time to make some more tea and get some food in me. Managed to write the scaffolding for the login server and auth server so far. Hopefully by 3 I should be able to create accounts and login.

Alrighty then. It's 2:30pm and I have login. Here are some screenshots complete with cameos from my mouse pointer!

The client.

The client connects to the gateway server requesting login.

The gateway.

The gateway receives the client's connection and sends the auth request to the auth server.

The auth server recieves the connection from the gateway server, gets passed the login request, processes it and sends the results back to the gateway, which in turn sends the results on to the client. If the login request is successful the client then connects to the game server.

Now I need to come up with a way to store player data until I write the GDNative addon I need to handle the PostgreSQL CRUD requests.

Cleaned up a little bit before continuing on but here you have a screenshot of testing

Before login.

So far, so good. It's around 4pm now but I felt like if I didn't clean it up a bit I would have trouble later. Now I can continue on without having to worry too much about things getting muddy and confusing down the road because I was an idiot and didn't clean up my damn code. (Yeah, that's KDE plasma.)

Alright and now we can store to and load from the server... at least for player data.

Lazy but functional.

With that it is now 5pm and I need to upload my code to github and make some dinner. Might get to working on adding some more functionality after. Depends. Either way, I am out of here.