The MMO Project Part 3: MO Security

The MMO Project Part 3: MO Security

Today I will be working on storing player data on the game server, then sending and retrieving it from it from the auth server and storing it to a json db there for now, next week I will probably be writing the Postgres ORM for the character data. Hopefully with that I will be able to start displaying characters moving around the map to eachother, probably give them names and stuff while I am at it.

Token auth is not as simple as it may seem. Dealing with potential holes in it took a bit of trial and error and I am not sure I have entirely secured it but that is a problem for when I start trying to hack it and see what I can do.

After much trial and error, it works.

Added SSL to the gateway connection so the password sent from the client is encrypted. It's a self-signed cert but I mean... we're in dev right now anyway, no need for all the extra overhead.

More secure now.

I've been kinda half following some of Game Development Center's Tutorials though for the networking I took a lot from them since I am new to the Godot Multiplayer API. I learned a lot from them, would recommend having a look through if you're interested.

Now that I have the basic auth and security in I will do a lot of my own thing. He hasn't at the time of writing done anything past the SSL bit (Did not know X509 generation was a feature of Godot.) so I am wingin' it from here. Well, sort of wingin' it. I got a roadmap I am going to work out tonight and probably spend the weekend and all of next week trying to bang this thing into some kinda game that actually functions like a game that people would play. I wont be ready for testing for a while but I'll probably have a hard time finding testers when I do as I don't know many people and those that I do know rarely ever really respond to me. Busy or sick of my shit, no idea. I do tend to talk a lot about things that most people would find boring.

Anyway it's nearly 5pm now, so I will have to gtfo the office and make some dinner, but first I will push my code to the repos and make sure everything is nice and saved.