The Next Prototype Game

The Next Prototype Game

It turns out I am sick, had to lay down for a while yesterday afternoon and last night I was very cold. Caused me to go to 9pm with my coursework yesterday, hence no post. Today I will have to setup and calibrate a 3D printer as well, so today's gonna be a weird day.

On the plus side I found another reason to learn Rust. I wanted to build an OS for a long time and I think building one and here we go, a pi project. Looking forward to that. I also have another project to build my own 8-bit breadboard computer which I think is a right of passage for all computer scientists.

I've also come across an interesting way to organize my research which I may employ when I start on the Rust course.

Well, the sickness has not completely passed but I did manage to get the 3D printer built and printing. Man they came far in 5 years...

Plus this one works with Octoprint.


Didn't get any coursework done today unfortunately which means I will be working on it tomorrow and Sunday but at least I will probably be feeling better then.

As for the next prototype I was thinking of taking the rest of this month to develop a character controller with a spritebase I bought, it has a lot of animations and I would like to use it as a shortcut for future work. This will give me experience with the Unity state machine animation system that I clearly need as well. I do have an idea for a prototype though, which is basically making my own Earthbound based on the neighborhood I grew up in. I guess we'll see where I land by monday. If I do the Earthbound thing I will have to have completed the prototype by the 18th of next month though.

If I make the character controller I will be able to start the dev on the first and have 28 total days to work on it, releasing it the last day of the month and hopefully it's more solid than the last one.

Anyway it's 8pm now, gonna sign off.