The Next Tools.

The Next Tools.
A path; overt, blunt, bad joke.

I've not even finished the current tools but I have started designing the next tools. I tend to be more creative in the morning or late at night so I have to organize my thoughts in books and pages before I can start coding for a day. Sometimes I got too much to hold on to and I gotta get it down before I even eat.

So today I got the ideas for the next tools and how the generators with nodes will work.

The Page on the next tools

So I laid out a page showing how each part works. Or at least the Resource Node Editor, which allows you to create a taggable node on a map that can have tags related to biome or island type or whatever that if THOSE tags match the tags of a Resource Node in the editor it has a chance of spawning. These can be limited by the tier of the island they are on, so if the island is tier 1 only get tier 1 mats.

This also increases the rarity of higher tier mats, making them more valuable even at higher levels unless you built really specially well for that resource. Anyway...

I need to get back to debugging the recipe edit panel and playing some guitar.