The Second Alchemist's Weapon

The Second Alchemist's Weapon

I decided today that I didn't need 6 pets to have a complete prototype for this project. It seems like twice what I actually would need, thinking about it. The whole point is to learn my way around unity and have some stuff I can reuse while creating a prototype game that I can put out there and maybe come back to finish one day when I am better acclimated to unity.

So I will only need to add one more pet after today, as I just finished the Chochin Obake weapon, which is a fire projectile.


There were some whoopsies along the way, of course.

How do I even velocity, man?

But I got there in the end. Of course there is one bug that becomes quite apparent in that the enemies' colliders are still active after they are killed. I will fix that and probably call it a day, really. I got some firmware to upgrade and tests to run before tomorrow.

I am not certain yet if the next prototype will be full 2D or full 3D or another one like this with the 2D sprites on the 3D world space. I might have an idea for it but I am unsure if that's what I want to do. I might even take a shot at voxel-based worlds and characters... who knows? All I know is that at the end of this I will take a day and figure it out.

Fixed it. Don't need to collide with enemies anyhow, not sure why I did that to begin with... probably pre-navmesh testing.

Anyway, with that I am done for today.