The Slime Debug Panel and the start of the AI.

The Slime Debug Panel and the start of the AI.

So I designed my AI based on a tree, each slime will process their AI tick once per frame and change only when equipment or environment modification happens.

To track the Environment I will be watching for things entering an area around each slime, doing some processing on them based on what branch of the slime's AI is enabled and what the faction standing is between the slime and any other slime that enters their "vision"

Anyway I gotta make dinner, so I'll just plop some crap here.

AI design.

I have all the state changing and branch changing code in, now I just need to write the states themselves and the branch scripts to control changing the states.

Inventory Debug
Slime Equip and Stats
Proficiency ratings.

Equipment and Inventory systems are working. Job and alignment changing works. I still need to implement job traits but that's a big system and will have to wait for a week when I can work on it alone.


Anyway, gonna make some food.