The Sprite Generator Part 2

The Sprite Generator Part 2

So, the last few days I have been setting up a server. Finally found one I could afford that allowed me to dump some VPSes and this one... really spooky celeron-based dedicated server I had. I did all kinds of interesting things like set up a Kubernetes cluster and figure out how ingress and load balancing work. Good times.

Anyway, today I managed to get back to work on the Sprite Generator API. A lot of work was done.

A lot of work.

The generator is now feature complete for the time being, until I add animations and the way that's set up should only be a small tweak here and there.

It generates forward and backward facing sprites for both world sprite and detail views with optional rear variants on each sprite.

All sprites have 3 parts, though shadows and highlights are optional.

I still have to make some rear sprites for each part to finish testing, but time has run out for today so I leave with this, new and improved abomination.

Detail(For now I just set the export of the world sprite parts to 400% size)
World Sprite

I also have to test if my code will allow me to upload varied sprite sizes. This should be interesting.

Anyway, clocking out.