The start of the year's game project

The start of the year's game project

So this year I decided to go with some old school things to get my inspiration from as well as a few somewhat newer things.

I'll mostly be developing it in spare time and using it to test stuff before I add it to Mew's game. Not much to say as it's a day off kind of deal but I do have a rather impressive amount of assets. Nearly 46,000 tiles, sprites and animations are already here and available to me to use. Some I will make modified versions of, others maybe replace entirely who can say? All I know is most of what I need to get started is right there. I got inspiration coming out my eyeballs from all these memories I have carefully collected. I got 5 old Tamagotchis on my desk. I got all my old Pokemon game from red and blue all the way to 3DS. (Can't afford the switch ones)

I got all these old SMT games and the most life altering game I played was OoT because before that it was nothing but action games like Megaman and dumb sports games and wrestling games but then the enlightenment came. See I was like a generation or 2 behind so my intro to a lot of things came later and I also was resistant to my inner nerd as to avoid being ostracized as was the style at the time.

Anyway this is what I am up to for a bit today then I am gonna go relax with the wife and dog and cat and lizards and play some old video games I think. Maybe some newer not sure.

Setting up a character state machine animator and importing a bunch of assets while browsing the Godot assetlib for any useful tools.

It begins.

Monday probably work on it a little more... maybe, if I have time. I'd like to take this weekend and next week to move some furnishings about the joint. I know we can use the exercise and I got a war with mice to wage on, this will help me uproot the bastards and drive them to the traps.

Well, back to this and then I got some guitar time and then lunch and dog and then yeah, whatever. Happy weekend, people.


Bonus, dog and pic of what I got so far... I will change my character soon. I need to rewrite the controller too.

Kaz will smooch you.