Today the light node stress testing starts.

Today the light node stress testing starts.

In order to really make this fucker rock solid, based on my experience with the newer, cheaper nodes failing I will be doing some longer term stress testing on the light system under 5v and 3v and see if I can increase their reliability, brightness and ability to maintain connection to their HCN. This testing will also include thermal dissipation tests which I can't do too accurately until I get some thermal paste but that will happen next month so we're good.

I've got notes detailing my stress test here at my documentation site.

I've also started to get things ready to teach Mew how to make a resource management game from start to finish. I broke down the whole basic game-play loop and created a way to organize ideas for future content past the base game if we decide to support it and start making money. The basic idea is detailed in this shelf at the documentation site.

I plan to start using the documentation site to be a little more transparent in my thought process when I design things and also keep records of old projects I may abandon for the time being and return to later. I have my own local note system as well but this allows me to share my ideas and maybe help people solve their own weird issues in their projects.

So while I do my stress tests I will be teaching her to make video game. I'll probably do a lot of stuff for her but I will also be teaching her how I do it and give her the tools she needs to make and maintain a game of her own but also help her with art and code and music and whatever else as often as I can and if it starts paying well I will just do that in my office time and use my spare time for everything else.

Anyway, I'll be no weed from this weekend on for a bit so I'll probably write different again. I think I sorted out what I need for the time being and can focus enough on the technical for a while that I'll hopefully be alright for a bit without it. I just need to keep it together until spring and things will get a little better around here, at least less stressful.

Welp, got some project management structures built, everything is in place to start teaching. Slowly. Gotta make sure she understands, can't go at my usual pace.

Time to go cook now, though. Cheers.