Ubuntu Studio is kinda working for me right now.

Ubuntu Studio is kinda working for me right now.

Normally I run Arch or Manjaro depending on how lazy I am when I am installing, some days man... Anyway I needed something with Jack and a bunch of utilities for it installed and pre-configured in case I broke the OS and needed to reinstall. It takes a while to set all those things up and I really like to save some time considering this laptop is specifically meant to be a studio system now but has ended up doing double duty for the moment... Hopefully it'll be alright for a while. Been waiting on that thermal paste for about 3 weeks?

I digress. It's running fine on old hardware, it lets me use a browser while I work on my audio and it has some video tools which I remembered yesterday when wanting to make a little time-lapse from some photos I noticed I took while I was browsing my gopro backups. I could just run a command and have a quick and dirty time-lapse.

ffmpeg -r 3 -f image2 -pattern_type glob -i '*.JPG' -s hd1080 -c:v libx264 -q:v 10 ./doblapse.mp4

From inside the directory.

If the subject is mostly vertically centered it should be fairly effective. Though I do have very minimal testing.

Regarding Ubuntu Studio; I'm not going to be using it for gaming or banking or anything crazy. It's local to this laptop. The laptop allows me to take my studio where I want. I might need some extra tools to record a baaaand... but if I had to I probably could do it? Maybe? Testing required.

It's just something that fits my purpose. I really have liked the Linux/gnu operating system eco...system for a while. I think I was about 13 or 14 when I first installed Linux, it was Fedora because at the time I knew it was related to RHEL which was kind of my only anchor in the Linux world and advertised itself as bleeding edge which seemed where I wanted to be. Took some getting used to but it was a fun little adventure that seems to have lasted the majority of my life so far.

I could go on and on about how much I like Linux now that I have been using it as a daily driver for years, managing... countless servers with it and building my networks with it as well as hardware projects running on it (robots, mostly). How I really prefer using a command line for most things, knowing how to use it effectively really improves workflow speed. Anyway I could go on and on about that for a few posts but I don't have the time for that today.

Gonna do some guitar practice for most of today and then get around to either teaching some basic game dev to Mew or doing some work on the lighting platform.

Speaking of Jake V4; I've lost a few nodes in the stress test. The ones that failed had brands in common and the ones that are still going... well a couple have been running for years now in other light things I did that were more temporary. I think I will get a string of WS2811s with the diffuse caps like the ones I put on the outer part of my xmas tree the past 4 years I think.

Once I get the money for one, that is. I will add it to the display as a stary sky using some cardboard painted matte black to set it in. This will give me more depth to the test bench and the ability to test across a large string as well as the smaller nodes.

On the subject of the Cyber Deck; I've been working out the requirements and the way I could potentially power it. I also want to have some little solar panels on it's outer shell for charging. I think I can probably make a circuit based on a laptop battery and potentially some of them new fangled LiPo Supercaps they got once the price gets in line with my budget in order to fast charge off a charging point. I need to invest in some laptop batteries and a bucket of sand in case shit goes screwy and I gotta deal with a lithium fire. (This is the main thing that has kept me away from this project and robots, batteries. If I can master the use of a laptop battery I should be able to overcome this for most little projects.)

Anyway, I gotta get some lunch and play some guitar. I'll probably write more as I go through the day until I probably go teach Mew some game dev skills so she can make a resource management game. If at least one of us get a game out this year it'd be cool. I hope to finish Toghairm this year if I can and get a good vertical slice area built for the RPG at the very least. My laptop dying last year really threw a wrench into the works.

To lunch.

Been practicing some songs and workin' on my barre chord changes for a while now, taking a short break at ~2:45pm. Gonna stretch and walk around a bit.

I did a lot of practice, recorded some noodling. Basically spent the whole day with the guitar today.


That's some good old noodlin'. No idea where I am going or what I am doing. Tried to see if I could recall the few songs I have been trying to learn from memory as well. Then some trying to figure out timing on a rhythm bit at the end there.

Anyway I gotta go cook some food. Getting hongry.

Here's Viera chasing Mew's finger.

Leopard gecko wants to eat finger.