Spooky games and the websites they live on.

Spooky games and the websites they live on.

The game has been cut down to something I believe I should be able to finish in time for an October release. I've created an intro scene that I need to cut down a bit, it does go on a little long.

The game story is drafted up in some 32 bullet points and outlined with a wiki so it's easier to manage. I have already done most of the work for this as far as asset creation goes. I still have a few rooms to do and I really should redo the character sprite but I was frustrated by my fight with Aseprite which kept acting weird, I would select a cel and manipulate the pixels but it would break something in another cel. It was pretty frustrating. I was making sure to not select the frame or the layer as a whole and only select the exact frame and layer I wanted to edit but it still happened.

There was an update and I recompiled and then it wouldn't launch so I ended up just using the steam version for now... which means more stuff having to be running in the background and that slows stuff down on this old machine but what can ya do? I could use pixelorama I suppose. I'm used to Aseprite so I am going to try and stick with it for now though I might make the switch at some point.

Anyway I got a lighter and a bunch of other systems into the game so far and have been making steady progress since I started. I only have 5 or 6 more scenes to draw before I have them all in there but about 3 before I can start doing spooky stuff.

The site is functionally finished, I may have to rewrite my pagination system so I kinda removed it for the time being but it works as I want it to. The next thing I have to do is add some features to the bot that controls it and make another pass on the frontend design.

I've finally assembled a good collection of quartz chunks to start working on my new light project which means I need to start on rewriting the Jake light control system with the new web API based system. So that's something I have to do one of these weeks. For now I am focusing on the game in an attempt to at least get something out before October.

Aside from the usual projects I have been continuing with my instrument studies, I slowed down a little to make some things sink in that I have had trouble with but I am getting back up to speed now.

I've also started testing shirt printers to see about doing some shirt designs at recommendation from a friend. I'm currently waiting on a shirt I ordered to test with, it kinda got held up in shipment but I will know if I want to use this company or not once I have washed it and worn it a couple times. Don't want to make stuff that sucks, you know? If you're buying something I made I want to make sure you get quality.

Welp, I'm gonna get back to drawing rooms and trying to write a song to play as the player makes the walk up to the tavern in this game.