Work Continues, Teaching Continues

Work Continues, Teaching Continues

Despite the world around me being on fire I am keeping my head down and working. The never-ending stream of mice is costing me sleep and food and I really should move but to move I need money and to get money I need to work.  I wouldn't have moved in here if I wasn't desperate, it was the start of the pandemic and the place I was in was filling with mold, the landlord went to jail after a manhunt and the garbage was a mountain in front of where we were supposed to normally put it. Inside there was filled to the rafters with trash. It was bad. Now here I got mice, sink holes and dirty neighbors.

But I can't let it stop me from getting shit done. The only way out is up... so either I pull it together here and now or go under. Sink or swim. This one is brief, but I have been busy documenting, coding and teaching game dev.

I still have a long way to go as far as teaching goes. I could sit down and bang out the systems in a week. I was considering doing that and recording it as I go, then when I got it all done going back and reviewing the video and writing everything up based on that. It will allow me to more quickly build the game and get it out, I guess the only stuff I really need to teach her to start out is how to build maps and recipes, resources, etc. I already taught her about most of the core game development stuff, maybe I should break ahead and then come back. I can set her up with some tasks that will work as exercises while also building the parts of the game while I get all the systems built and tested...

Anyway that's all I got, I am woozy from the cleaning stuff... just cleaned my kitchen... gonna get some air.