Work on projects continues.

Work on projects continues.

So I've been dealing with things going wrong as they like to do around here. The power in half my house is dead... for some reason it's all on the same circuit. Mold has begun creeping in on a spot on the ceiling as well, so I gotta get some killz on that... This place is falling apart. Anyway I've been working on projects.

Today I'm working on rebuilding the frontend of Jake(The control panel/dashboard system/jack'o'lantern light) in React. Basically the past several weeks since I busted my wrist and lost my laptop I have been working on a web dev project each week.

I rewrote the lighting system to be centralized and DB backed. I've been working on a bug ranching spin off version of mantilogs where I can test new ideas before I implement them into mantilogs itself. Now I am adding a React frontend to Jake as a way to learn React hooks as well as just dust off React, I have no used it in a looooong time. Not really fond of massive frameworks for anything really... I like to make stuff myself from the ground up if I can, that way I get a better understanding of what's going on and I often learn a lot along the way.

I'm going to keep this one short so I can get back to work since I have not had much sleep this week(maybe 4 hours total) and I want to move around some stuff on the control panel.