Working on my Day off. What else is new?

Working on my Day off. What else is new?

Finished early for the week yesterday, was gonna take today off and play games. Ended up making some sprites in my new sprite editor (thanks to Pixelorama) which is built in to my dev tools now.

Editing the game from inside the game.

This will be nice for making a mod toolkit later. Hot loading of scripts from paths defined in a database is the next big hurdle for next week. But this week's work is done and got in a little extra.

All the features for the DB editor are done and now I got a sprite editor in the game too. At least on this fork of the project, which I will merge once I get the bugs out.

So that means I am passing this shit to testers. It's time to find the buggaloos in my DB engine and UI and sprite loading systems and whatever else.

Allg Hailg Appleg!