Yarrdachi and Blog: Front end fix up.

Yarrdachi and Blog: Front end fix up.

So I realize this blog isn't great to look at currently. I have old overrides kinda hacked on to the theme in order to change some stuff to fit a color scheme. Stuff changed since then so now it's a little more wonky than it was.

So today I will be cleaning up that hacky nonsense on the blog at least a bit and continue with the frontend stuff for Yarrdachi, with the outer dashboard so I can get the party pet displays in and properly designed.

This experimental is coming to a close, this is the penultimate day of creative thinking mode I think.Having some candy for lunch because Halloween and I failed to make sure to have anything easy to cook for lunch and had been just eating cans of fruit. I could spend an hour making myself rice or soup every day. Anyway, I should maybe get a rice cooker with a scheduler and just set the rice up to go when I make breakfast.

Alright, world building. Opening cut-scene should be a part of core. Core will be the main basic functions all working as intended. I want to have cut scenes in there some times for special events and need a system for that as time goes on.

Well, I got some things worked out but nothing worth sharing here yet. A lot more going into this than usual. Might just be an interesting enough project for once with enough challenge to keep me going.

I'll be reworking the design of the blog slowly over the week maybe. Or just take an evening and get it done if I can.

Anyway, I gotta do some things and stretch my back. Stiff as hell today thanks to the dog bath.