Yarrdachi: Dashboard mobile view.

Yarrdachi: Dashboard mobile view.

This will probably take all week, really. I've not used bootstrap in a while, it is coming back to me slowly as I dig through examples and docs. I've already got an idea what things look like it's just a matter of bashing them together and styling it up. Then I will add the logic handling for the api calls.

Here's where I am so far.

There is yet much to do.

I figured to keep myself from jumping around I will just build the dashboard sequentially from here on. I have wire-frames and sketches to help me and I already know what my data looks like and how it interacts I just need to make it easy to understand and interact with now.

Not going to post this today, will add to it tomorrow and post whatever else comes up with it. Feels like this is too short, not much really going on today.

Next day. Tuesday. RIP Missouri. Heard about your SSNs on that government website because the web dev was a fucking idiot. Oh god... your SSNs were in the fucking source code? REALLY!? Ah man, you gotta be paranoid as hell right now. I feel for you. I hope that doesn't happen ever again anywhere else but... some devs are just flying by the seat of their fucking pants man. They don't think about security nearly enough. You need to be schizophrenic to maintain a website with any level of data that needs any level of security. Let alone THAT. That was a biiiiiig stupid leak. Wooooow I am going to be looking even harder at my own security now and what's being sent where and how that is protected etc. For me at the core is the user data, I keep all your passwords hashed, salted and encrypted. But here's some advice anyway; Use a password manager and secure that with a password you never use anywhere else and an email account that you never use outside of managing that password manager and that email account should have it's own special password too. And make them secure, long as you can, varied sentances with mispellings works if you can fit them. Keep these two passwords out of range of cameras but in physical form.

I know how hacking works and I know how easy it would be to get passwords by cross checking a massive database in the "dark web" some of that stuff is just in plain sight though. You can be followed around the web really easily by big companies and people can get their hands on that data through some weird channels and leaks.

They can match passwords they get the salts to against old password databases they have no salts for... slowly building across all that network and filling in where which passwords might be... if you use the same password for everything I feel SO bad for you... you poor bastards.

With the shit I see pass by my webservers, it's like there's a huge cloud of bots out there crawling the entire internet by IP in sequence in some cases which is hugely ineffecient as far as I can tell unless they have fast cache checking on previously scanned information maybe like a CRC? I don't know.

The point is there is a LOT of bot nets CONSTANTLY crawling everything. They are hitting your router right now. If you have a DOMAIN pointed at your IP dynamically... I hope you have taken extra security steps. They can get in there on some of those routers out there. Firewalls and filters help. If you can have a dedicated firewall on your network... DO IT. If you host anything at home you should guard it closely. If you can use containers and multiple nodes like... I got my lab here right...

I got an r710, she is old but she still works hard and does a good damn job. Some of her ram has failed or is failing and I need to get new ram kits for her but she runs the bulk of my dev now. I can even load virtual desktops and web based interfaces to server hosted IDEs on her and she handles it all very well. I also have her run a container for PiHole to keep some of the sneaky bastards out. If I block them at dns I can stop some cacheing which in itself can be used to track you around the internet... It's real scary out here on the internet nowadays even for normal users. Firefox has built in password management. Just make sure your Mozilla account password is hyper secure.

Big companies should have big IT departments. It will of course look a LOT of the time like they are doing nothing. They will be. But the little time that they look like they are actively all engaged it will be saving your ass. They can do a lot with a little work a day but they are like a security team, it's good to have them when you need them.

Maybe I am just paranoid because I watch my servers logs sometimes and I just see these botnets crawling looking for all the holes they know. My logs go from the occaisional tick someone hit the front page, or tick there's a crawler indexing me... to WHOOOSH looking for all the exchange server exploits in a matter of seconds, looking for all the currently known holes in it. Right after a port scan, I guess looking for ports that belong to things being open and exposed. Some are dumber just fire everything they got, no scan. A lot of things end up filtered through port 80.

Anyway enough being paranoid. Time to get to work maybe? Draw some stuff I guess, hope my hands warm up. Had our first fall cold snap and I didn't have the storm windows closed. Live right by a creak so it gets damp in here at night. The wind and the creak flow mostly at my house, basically under a constant assault by humidity.

Drawing... time to turn on the music and bring the mind into focus on a singular task. Hoping this will do.

Alright. I need to get a more detailed idea of the party display on mobile. I don't want them scrolling forever to get through it on the dashboard. I will either have to optimize this well or make it into it's own secondary component for detailed party view? What's best for the players? Probably both I guess... one could show the meta of the party like all their special traits as a set and all their skills and stats.

Alright, just did my pre lunch pacing and thinking, warmed up a bit, tea and coffee working their way around now. This party display could be like pokemon as far as the adventure stuff goes. You can click on it to open the bigger party display.

That stream kinda got old on my quick.

Lets see how this works.

I could just have a sprite with a name and some bars around it representing stats.

Not sure if I should have a lot or a little as far as buttons here, probably a little. Have each button open a modal?

Clicking on the pet opens a pet details modal?


May add more buttons at the bottom, just got those as a vague idea how they would fit.

Dual use modal, can be used for using an item or feeding a pet.

This will pull from the current logged in user's inventory and display images with tooltips. If you tap the item it displays the tool tip and sets that as currently active. If you click use or feed it will then send a signal to the server to process the use of the item, here via an endpoint but maybe in future via RPC?

I am enjoying the wire framing, thinking about stuff a bit before implementing it in code or HTML really helps you keep it from falling apart. Should we be confirming item use? Maybe we shouldn't unless that item is tagged RARE or something?


Not sure which way to go here so I drew a quick version of both.

Considering the adventure system is a huge thing I want to make the user's daily interactions with it interesting. Spending extra time on the dashboard because I mean, that's where they will first land every time they login.

Anyway that's me for the day, It's 4 and I gotta do laundry and crap before I make dinner. Also kinda want to make steamed bread tonight and it takes a while to make the dough...