Yarrdachi: Front-end all the way down, more planning and sketching.

Yarrdachi: Front-end all the way down, more planning and sketching.

It continues. Today I will continue the design sketching and planning. I should also plan out what things I should write tests for by figuring out the functions of each component. Things like testing that selecting an item sends the right command with the right item ID to the API. Testing that the API is returning the data that I expect it to.

I will break today into 2 parts. First figuring out what screens/modals/menus I still need to sketch and doing so, then the second part will be figuring out what needs testing on them.

Like so

Below the functions a list of tests I expect to need.

I'll come up with more as I actually start writing them, probably.

I will need to remember to create a function that logs in as a test user with a test party and a test inventory and all that, which I can use to make sure the data coming through is correct. Actually I will create 2 different ones with different information and test against both. I feel like I might catch some things I otherwise would not if I have redundant checks across varied test accounts. I may add more than 2 really.

Anyway; back to the books for a bit, gotta make sure I got all these screens figured out before I start sketching. Waiting on a phone call so kinda knocking around a bit for the morning while I wait. Don't want to be halfway through something, hate coming back to half-finished work.

Wire framing all the components before hand hopefully allows me to just blow through the implementation phase. I should be more aware of the end result as I go through developing them and know better what tests I will need, for instance. Also wont keep stopping and adjusting, if I know what I am going for out of the gate I will be more inclined to just leave it at laying it out and move on so I can keep design phase 1 lean and quick so I can get back to the systems design on the back end where the fun is... or designing creature parts for pets I like that too.

Figure I should confirm if a user wants to feed or use an item. Might accidentally feed a rare item or something you are holding on to for materials later.

Of course as the player learned new combinations by trying them they will unlock the recipe in their recipe book.

Recipe Book Interface
So far.

Now that I have some kind of front end workflow figured out hopefully progress will pick up. Been a little slow this month.

On another note, It's nice that Portainer finally added dark mode.

Neat, dark mode.

No more having to inject my own CSS and making it load slower so I can save my eyes and keep it in line with the rest of the things I use.

More buttons for party member modal

Needed more interaction buttons, knew I would but ended up just tacking em on to the wire frame. It's a wire frame. Sloppy is the name of the game here, gotta be loose.

Also by doing the wire frames and writing the tests first I might be able to cut down on code repetition early and keep everything DRY. Well, more DRY. I have spotted a few places where I can use the same menu, populated with different data, for instance.

Alright, spent the last hour and some minutes writing a list of goals and part of the Design Doc in order to better sort out the project into Milestones which I can easily work towards. I will do the things I think will take the longest first and work my way through the features from there.

For now I am going to go out and hang out with my dog. It's a nice day and there wont be many more for many months.