Yarrdachi: More front end brainstorming and probably (some) implementation.

Yarrdachi: More front end brainstorming and probably (some) implementation.

I would like to pick up where I left off yesterday, trying to figure some things out about the front end and how the user interacts with it. I will need to break down the ideas I have into components and figure out how the hell to bootstrap style them. I haven't used bootstrap in a while, like a few years... It might take a bit to get back into memory.

Because of the way images work we have a standard base url aside from the image name which can be acquired by the pet ID from the api call. I am wondering if I should just make the image server my static server? It would save me time, wouldn't it? I should probably do that, yeah. The image generator API will be writing to this directory a lot but they shouldn't really be operating on the same file at once... I don't think? I may have to add a copy function and some kind of resource locking between the client and server. The odds of accessing the file simultaneously with two processes is LOW but not insignificant. This should be considered in future when I do the next round of work on that API...

This is kind of an experimental week, trying to encourage myself to think creatively here and come up with something interesting but usable as a front end and story, sort of trying to tie them in together.

I used something that I found did a lot to encourage creative thinking, old fashioned, legal in my state, devil's lettuce. I'll be making a branch of my front end specifically for the stuff done whilst chewing on my happy cabbage. After this week though it's back to the normal mode. I decided in like... January I was going to do this for a week in October. Anyway the hope is that I come out with something interesting. It does take a little longer to get a good, solid picture of an idea fabricates but it's that time that you spend looking in the cracks of the idea and trying to strengthen it.

There's such a thing as overthinking here but I feel like I need to explore things a bit more thoroughly than just slap it together, get it done. It's because I guess I like the idea of doing something new all the time and I like to learn new technologies. Sometimes I like to go back into old ones as well. I wish I had the resources to get into docker earlier, now we got the big server we can do many more complex project and have all the resources we need. Thank you big server.

It's not terribly quick on processing, but that's not going to be an issue with all the different threads running different tasks. One process per docker container, right?

So on the front end I need to sort out my party display in a little more clarity and then set to making it in bootstrapped react. I've been dreading using ol bootstrap bill's services due to not really liking it too much back then, it felt kinda bloated. Thing is I think first, this project will be able to use that bloat for some of it's weirdness. Second I think it's the most commonly used, it is at least where I go browsing around. And; Third, I wonder what's new and would like to keep myself sharp by keeping up on at least a few css frameworks. I will end up with a LOT of custom CSS outside the bootstrap but it will at least help me structure and code some of the interactions, things like drop-downs can be slapped down with a snippet and stylized later because it does have that whole JS part there, eh...

Given that the front end site is running on React and thus will require JS anyway, I think it will be fine to have a little more. Eventually I will be adding a game engine on the front of this thing and I need to know that my code ain't gonna be chugging on older phones and how to optimize it. Lucky me, I am poor so I just so happen to have an old phone. I suppose if I had money I could just go eBay one. Meh.

So, remembering that I must bathe my dog in like 2-3 hours I should probably get on this once I brush my teeth and get some green tea or some other light tea that doesn't stain. I got a lot of different tea. Just kinda grew to appreciate it more over the years, you know? Anyway... back to finishing this tea and hygiene stuff. Then work.

Well, I am working out the project's conversion to bootstrap. I will also take some time at lunch before I bathe my dog to get some household stuff laid out in a list of things to do. I really need to just get everything in order here so I can get a good, solid schedule set up to maintain everything.

Well, for now it's about lunch time and I have been breaking down the design into check boxes. Including decisions I will need to make as I go. It is meant to function as a scaffold to keep me on track and remind me of things that I might forget.

I just saw that I can embed codepens in my notion notebook. This will allow for a more visual research session.

With that the dog is now bathed and my back is now shot. Hopefully I will have the strength back by Monday to cut the lawn. Aside from that I will try to keep going here and maybe straighten out my back a little. If not I will have to lay down for a bit and stretch it. She's a crazy and large dog. Big fear of water hitting her face.

Right. so this bootstrapping. On with it I must get.

Allo solution to many future problems. https://popper.js.org/

Alright, I have managed to break everything I did so far, which is what should have happened when Bootstrap was imported. Next step is break it all into components. Unfortunately I spent most of my day recovering or giving my dog a bath. I did manage to get some ideas worked out and get a list of to-dos together for the next several days.

I should just throw out everything and rebuild it on the design stuff before I do the logic. Step one I guess is wipe the dashboard and start over. Goodbye, work. Figured out some things with your sacrifice at least. F.

Now I am on to the dirty business of doing my old design out back with a pillow. Anyway, yeah. Gotta do it before I leave today. It is time for dinner making but I think this should be done first. Kinda make it final, lock in my decision.

There it goes. Can we just appreciate that my archive manager has a web browser in it here for a moment?


AS for the code stripping I did that too.

I'll add a dashboard example to this dashboard and I will have somewhere to start.

It's now 5. I have to make dinner. Better find it quick. Nothing, lots of templates. I was just wondering if anyone implemented the dashboard example in the react. Gonna have to do it by hand looks like? I'll have to look at the docs tomorrow.

Cheers, I need to go rest my damn back.