Yarrdachi: Story and more frontend.

Yarrdachi: Story and more frontend.

So this morning I kinda spent brain storming, haven't had lunch yet because I have been just... lost in thought about how all this works. Right so I think I might be smart to move my UI library to Bootstrap now as it's more commonly used than Bulma and should have better support across devices I hope.

I want to have a chunk of the day about conceptualizing the world of Yarrdachi so I can give this thing a real name. Can't exactly name something unless you have a feel for what it is, at least in my mind. This includes some visual and textual brain storming, primarily focused on the overall world, like really the planet itself and what it's like and why it's like that and the reason for the little pet nubbins and why they change shape and evolve so strangely.

The rest of the day I will be screwing around with moving over at least the party member display to the Bootstrap frontend. I like bulma and will continue to use it for my other projects but I kinda wanted this one to be more about using things I don't always use. Things I have old memories of working with but no recent experience with. I used a lot of these things in courses but because I don't use them and they tend to change rather quickly I wander back and have a look a couple years later and they got useEffect and other hooks instead of classes, the old way would work but why do it the old way? That's basically a long way of saying I feel like frameworks move too much and there's so much to know nowadays to be a successful web developer. Full stack experience seems to be required if you ask me. With the level of threats out there and the frequency of some botnet crawling my sites looking for a hole you probably want to make sure your team is aware of all best practices in security at all the levels of your software.

I have now had lots of caffeine and can begin thinking at a canvas and at some kinda writey thingy. Needs to be locally accessible but not externally... YET. It may need to be in future so I should consider this now.

I do like to self host but I have to say, I wish I had some way to self host notion.io I really like the way it works. Not a paid thing, I just like how I can have 2 people editing a document at the same time with a sort of wysiwyg socket client? Anyway I just like how it's convenient and functional for the weird way my head works.

Writing down and drawing concepts now. Actually getting somewhere with it I believe. Certainly solidifying the concept in my head and the look and feel it will have.

Got a lot of little sketches and ideas now. Not sure they are ready to share. I will let these things out as they are being worked on. Not trying to make stupid promises about things I can't deliver.

Well, time to go bake some bread and make some spaghett.