Yep, Still getting set up.

Yep, Still getting set up.

I've got most of my network back online, though I think I should probably build some kind of audio isolation chamber for my server. I got close proximity neighbors now and I would rather they don't have any more reasons to dislike me aside from how I look.

I have a ghetto desk in my living room with my laptop set up on it, I will be working on filling in the furniture blanks over the next few months as I have nothing but a mattress and some garage shelves for the moment.

Since moving, however there seems to be some interesting issues with my VPN, for one it stopped using my VPN DNS which broke all my dev domains. I have set up a secondary DNS locally on a Pi 3 for now which fixes my ability to connect to the dev systems as long as I am in the VPN but doesn't allow them to connect to each other and that breaks everything.

I also have a problem where I can not update my laptop or desktop as something broke in the packages which lead to broken keyring issues and more problems I have not had the time to solve as I am still working on getting everything done regarding moving to this town. I don't even have my dog license yet because the clerk's office is all the way at the airport and my printer needs a new spring for the paper loader... it's been weird.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I have been able to work on Geruterra and it's messing with me. Today I have to take a trip to the library and give my dog a bath but I will spend the time between trying to repair my VPN. It's DNS is properly configured but for whatever reason I am not getting through to it. It seems there's an override somewhere. This all seems to have started from an update to the host OS that broke the VPN in the first place which lead to me having to run modprobe and make sure the kernel modules were loading for the VPN to function so my guess is that there's something on the host that is overriding the DNS conf.

I also have a lot of updating to do. I updated the host OSes for all the servers but I still need to update a loooot of containers. Who knows what is going to break while I do that so that's probably going to take a few days at least... I really didn't expect the move to cause me this much trouble. I figured it would take a week before I got back to work on projects.

The good news is my health seems to be improving as I now have access to actual fresh food and am walking to the store in order to get it, The lack of mold in the air is also probably helping quite a bit, not to mention the nice hot showers. This move has significantly improved all aspects of my life.

I will have to defer to my notes in order to get back to work at this point. I am not sure what I was even doing last time I was working on Geruterra. I really failed at predicting the timeline on the move spectacularly.

Well, better get back to banging a wrench on the VPN pipes. I'll check back in when I have some idea what's going on with Geruterra.